Everyone loves superheroes, everyone wants to be a superhero but that’s not an easy job, it takes immense courage, fearlessness, that’s what makes a great and real hero and I know a person with all of these qualities which means I have a hero and I call him dad. He is my best friend and my real hero.

As you can see this blog is dedicated to a very special person, my superhero, my inspiration, who is none other than my dad.

This is for all love you have given me,

this is for all your bravery and courage,

this is for all the things you have done for me,

this is for inspiring me to be my best,

this is for all the special moments we had,

and for the most important person,

this is for my inspiration, my dad.

I can’t do anything else to repay you but I can thank you with this small poem

Every day, you cross my mind,

Every moment from the future and what’s behind,

Every single moment we spent,

I know you are my best friend.

Your love is true,

You were always there with me,

Healing me from my blues.

All I want to say is I’ll love you till the end,

because no matter what you are my best friend.

You have the softest and the sweetest heart. You are warm-hearted and a tender person.

I love you and I miss you a lot. I have never met such a compassionate and forgiving person.

I have so many fascinating things to say but if I continue, I can go on and on.

MY DAD IS MY SUPERMAN! These 13 years have been absolutely amazing.

On this stunning day all I can say is I LOVE YOU more than you can ever imagine.

Thank you for every hug, thank you for your fondness, thank you for you love.

2 thoughts on “MY SUPERHERO!

  1. Very beautifully articulated feelings Anoushka. I can see that your writing is improving with every blog. Your words for your dad will only make him an even bigger and better superpower. Very thoughtful of you to write this blog. Keep writing and keep winning hearts.

    Liked by 1 person

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