Maiden Voyage during Covid 19

It’s not an easy task travelling during Covid 19 in fact it’s not even easy to try to step out of your house during this pandemic. We all are having a tough time. But in need, there some risks are to be taken. Even I had the need to go on a journey, a journey not to be forgotten.

Although, in this strenuous time we had to go to the airfield 4 hours early. It was 2 hours away from where we began. When we made our stop to the airfield we saw everyone with proper precautions and it was all that anyone wants during this time. The department provided masks, sanitizers, PPE kit for protection. The false point was that when we were in the queue there was no social distancing but to stay safe I myself chose to stand away from others.

We were not allowed to have beverages or food. So we were starving for a long time. Even though we were hungry, we couldn’t risk our lives.

The time we reached the airport of the other state everyone maintained social distancing as the official there was loud enough to make his point. We grabbed our bags and headed towards our home.

After reaching home, the journey was not over yet, we properly sanitised ourselves and our luggage.

And now this was the end, we felt immense happiness. I guess this meant it. We suffered and struggled but at last we got what we wanted. We were safe and with our loved ones under the same roof; and that’s what matters.

We had to be home quarantined for a fortnight. To pass time during that time we played, studied, found creative measures to make the use of the time we had. We made our own YouTube channel which was filled with content like pranks, challenges and all the things we love to do. If you want to check it out here is a link: WATCH SISTERS CREW ON YOUTUBE if you like it please subscribe and like.😁🤩

Moving on, this is was a tough time. This was my experience and if you are planning to travel I hope you learned something from it.

For people planning to travel!!! Have a safe journey.

And for people planning to stay home I hope you find creative measures to make the full use of your time because no one knows when this is going to end and when it does who knows you might regret not using this time effectively.

All I want to say is be your own superheroes, save the world, save lives, by following all the measures.

Thank you for taking out time to read my blog. It makes me so happy when I see the appreciation and support from you all. Please like and follow for more mind blowing content.

6 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage during Covid 19

  1. You amaze me everytime Anoushka. It is so well written that I felt I was travelling. The emotions came out so well.
    Keep writing and keep inspiring. At times you make me think whether you are just a teenager for the writing skills you possess.
    Kudos. Now I am going to watch the YouTube link you provided.
    God bless and stay safe

    Liked by 1 person

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