Why don’t we think about the good things in our life?

I have always wondered, even if I’m having the best day of my life at some point I will be surrounded by negative thoughts, so here is a small poem.

Do you ever imagine
Do you ever wonder
All these bad thoughts
Coming in your mind like a thunder.

You have always asked God to change the situations for which you need to strive,
But have you ever thanked Him for all the good in your life,

Have you ever imagined,
About the hate you give the world,
But have you wondered
If you heard the same words,

Wouldn’t that hurt you,
Coz we are all humans,
Wouldn’t that hurt you,
Coz we all have emotions,

I can’t sleep at night,
All these thoughts come to mind,

About my past and my future,
I don’t know what to do?
There is the key in treasure
You need to dig in right through,

Do you ever imagine
Why don’t you think about the good things in your life?
Do you wonder why do these thoughts run in your mind?

Why do you spread hate,
Instead you can spread happiness,
Why don’t you keep faith,
And everything will change

If you wanna be the best person
You don’t even need a crown
Why don’t you just smile?,
Turn that frown upside down.

The reason might be the power of negativity is more than the power of positivity.

It is not the superior power but it is the power which affects you the most. It dosen’t depend on what’s greater but it depends on what’s better.

Which means even though the negative thoughts are greater and affects you the most but the positive thoughts are better and you need to focus on them.

Instead of being hurt emotionally you can think about the good things in your life and thank God for it.

A little gratitude wouldn’t hurt.

Just thank all the people you love and see the difference.

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