Everyone loves superheroes, everyone wants to be a superhero but that’s not an easy job, it takes immense courage, fearlessness, that’s what makes a great and real hero and I know a person with all of these qualities which means I have a hero and I call him dad. He is my best friend andContinue reading “MY SUPERHERO!”


The person who held my hand and taught me wonderful things, the person who loved me unconditionally, the person who was always there with me when I needed her and listened to me when I needed to talk to someone, she is none other than my mom. She is pretty as a picture, Busy asContinue reading “Mom!”


Life is not just about survival its also about self fulfillment. It’s life, sometimes it’s like being at the edge of a knife. It’s life, sometimes for getting it you need to strive. Life is not only about living it, its also about loving it. Survival is just a part of life but what isContinue reading “LIFE!”

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